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We now offer two types of NO CREDIT CHECK payment plans. Why? Because we are committed towards providing the best products at a great price! 


Financing your next firearm and accessory purchase is easy and can be done right at checkout within your shopping cart. Credova is a third-party ecommerce platform offering multiple financing options with one application helping you find a payment option that best fits in to your budget. 

Credova has the ability to approve many customers looking for the option of small monthly payments instead of paying for the entire purchase up front. Get approved with no credit impact! 

There’s no application fee and what’s even better is you’re able to apply before you shop to know what you have been approved for or apply at checkout and receive a financing offer right there and then.  The gun of your dreams is within reach with firearm financing through Credova!

How To Finance With Credova

  • Apply in-cart after shopping and use your approval right at checkout.
  • Apply in-cart and continue shopping. When you’re ready to checkout, authenticate your approval and finalize your checkout with Credova.
  • Apply directly on Shop online and authenticate your approval during checkout. 


  • Pay over time: Credova puts the purchasing power in your hands with an easy monthly payment plan instead of paying for entire purchase upfront. 
  • Get Approved with No Credit Impact: Shop with confidence. You can receive pre-qualifications from multiple providers quickly without affecting your credit score. 
  • Approval Amounts: Credova has multiple financial providers that can approve you for up to $5000 at checkout! 
  • No Hidden Fees! With Credova, there is no application fee & no pre-payment penalties! Any fees or charges are fully disclosed in your contract!  
  • Multiple Lender Offers: With a single online application you can receive multiple financing offers letting you choose the offer that best fits your budget. 
  • Early Buyout Options: You can tailor your financing experience with the ability to buyout of your contract at anytime with no pre-payment penalties!

How easy is it to apply?

  • Very easy! Online applications only require basic information and you can receive an approval in seconds. 

How much will I be approved for?

  • Depending on your application details, we can approve you between $300 and $5,000

What if my total order cost is greater than my approval?

  • You can finance up to the full amount of your approval. If your order cost exceeds your approval amount, you will be required to pay the difference to the Ammo Ready retailer. 

What type of financing is offered?

  • Credova is partnered with a network of financing options that offer retail installment sales contracts (RISCs) and/or closed-end consumer lease agreements.

What is the difference between a RISC and a closed-end consumer lease agreement?

  • With a RISC, you are purchasing the item and agreeing to make installment payments over a specific term plus any associated interest rate. A closed-end consumer lease agreement doesn’t have an interest rate, but rather charges monthly leasing fees. With a closed-end consumer lease, you are leasing the item/s from a lessor and have the option to purchase the item during the course of the lease.

What are the leasing fees?

  • If you choose to finance with a company offering a closed-end consumer lease, with each monthly payment, you will pay leasing fees. These fees represent the premium charged by the lessor for allowing you to lease an item and will vary depending on customer approval information. Please review your offer/s carefully prior to completing your agreement. 

What is the Interest Rate?

  • The interest rate is the amount charged, as a percentage of principal, by a retailer to a customer for the ability to pay for an item over time. This is often expressed over an annual basis commonly referred to as the annual percentage rate (APR). With a RISC, the system considers more than just your credit and your interest rate will vary based on the information provided. Please review your offer/s carefully prior to completing your agreement. 

Am I locked into my financing contract for the full term?

  • Not at all. Whether you are using a RISC or closed-end consumer lease, you can payoff your balance at anytime and there are never any prepayment penalties!

What Information do I need to apply?

  • Open/Active checking or savings account
  • Government issue photo ID
  • Email Address 
  • Social Security Number
  • Income/Employment information
  • Phone Number and Address

How often are payments made?

  • Payments are made on a monthly basis. 

When will my purchase be shipped to me?

  • Please keep in mind, any firearm purchase must be shipped to your local FFL dealer rather than your home address. For shipping timing and tracking, please review the retailer’s policies. 

How much do I have to pay today?

  • Depending on the type of financing selected, you may be required to complete your first payment at the time of signature whereas other financing products will not require a payment for at least 30 days. If required, you will be able to complete your first payment at checkout.

Can I finance a firearm if I am out of state?

  • Yes, you can finance a firearm out of state. Certain restrictions may apply. Please be aware, all purchases must be picked up from your local FFL dealer.  



Are you looking to purchase items from us but don’t want to use your bank account or credit card? Don’t worry, we got you covered.  Our finance option just got better with the addition of 12 month and interest free in house financing. Our financing specialists are here to help you learn more about building credit and to assist you in financing your firearm purchase. We look forward to hearing from you. If you have any questions,  our full contact information is listed below.  To take advantage of our financing program: follow the instructions below to get started. If you need help with filling out the form below or want to learn more about how you can get qualified please give us a call or email. Our financing department does not check credit history. Good, bad and fair credit customers welcomed like family.

Zero interest charges if the sale is paid off within 90 days.  

Finance Anything Up To $3,500

  •       Finance Anything We Sell
  •       Provides 3 – 12 Months To Pay
  •       Interest Free if Paid Within 90 Days
  •       Fast Online Approval Process
  •       Affordable Monthly Payments
  •       Approvals Good For 44 Days
  •       Multiple Repayment Options

No Credit Check

  •        It’s for those times when you don’t want Credit Card Bills.
  •       We do not access credit bureaus as part of the decision process.
  •        To bypass the credit check, the financier requires a screen shot of your online banking
  •       Financing Terms & Rates listed below

How to Apply

  •       We finance through a company called ARC 90. ARC 90 is a short term, payment plan developed for those who have the ability to pay and want to avoid high interest credit cards, leases, or personal loans. Plans range from 3 to 12 months with amounts from a few hundred to several thousand dollars per purchase. ARC 90 is a payment plan based on your income and spending habits. Credit will not be checked but ability to pay back will be. The terms can be up to a year with a max of $3,500.00. The cost is usually about 15% which is lower than most credit cards. The applications will consist of basic identifying information. ARC 90 will contact your bank to get recent deposits and spending history. Using this information, ARC 90 wil determine your spening limit. Complete the application below. We require 3 things to setup your account without a credit check. A copy of your drivers license, recent paycheck, and a screen shot of your bank account.
  •       Complete the application below. We require 3 things to setup your account without a credit check. A copy of your drivers license, recent paycheck, and a screen shot of your bank account.
  •       While we work on your approval, build your order online and checkout using payment option “FINANCE IT”.

What Happens After Applying?

  •       Once the application is completed you will receive 2 emails and a text message from Global Check and Decision Logic. The first email will be a welcome email and the second will be from Decision Logic. Decision Logic will ask you to log into your bank account. This is to verify the account is live and active.
  •       Login information cannot been seen and it cannot be retained by Anthony’s, Global Check or Decision Logic. This is to verify your bank daily balance and if you can repay the loan. This is needed to complete the finance of your firearm.
  •        If approved you will be notified by Global Check with your Fast Track Limit. We currently only accept the fast track limit. 
  •        To place your order, add items to your cart and select “Finance It” during online checkout.
  •       Final paperwork and invoices are emailed to you for E-signature. (electronic signatures NOW accepted)
  •       Once your signed documents are received, arrangements will be made to have your firearms shipped to your FFL.  Tracking information will be provided.

How To Place A Finance Order: Add items to your cart then checkout by selecting “Finance It” during the online checkout.

How It Adds Up

How does this stack up against a lease or rent to own? Most leases have an effective cost of 80% or more above the cash price. More often than not they won't disclose it and refuse to call it what it is. Add up the payments for the full term. That's the bottom line. With ours it will be the cost of the item plus $35.00 and the 15% charged by the store if it's for an annual term. Shorter terms are less, down to 9%. In a lease it will be cost plus $40 or more and at least 80%. That assumes you get to keep the item without getting hit again with a 'buy out' fee. 

ARC 90 is a payment plan that gives you the product today and up to twelve months to pay for it. This is not an embarrassing rent to own or a lease. We don't ask for your SSN and your credit rating with the 3 major bureaus is not part of the decision process unless there is a default. Our proprietary system examines your recent financial history. We feel this is more accurate for determining ability to re pay a short term obligation. Your income level does matter but even a full time minimum wage earner can qualify. 

The requirements are earnings equal to full time minimum wage or better. There can be no recent NSF activity on your bank statement. You need a standard checking account with a reasonable balance. Savings accounts or debit card only accounts won't be accepted. An unexpired state issued ID or standard driver license is also required. 

The cost? Global Check charges $35.00 when you make a purchase at a retail store, not before. The store may charge a plan fee of about 15% which is disclosed at the time of sale. Your first payment on an annual sale will be about 25%. After that the payments are much lower and decline over time. Prior to each payment coming due we'll send you an e-mail listing the amount plus the option to pay it off without having to jump through any hoops. 

Example using an annual term sale paid in bi-weekly payments:

  Cash Price Down Payment Remaining Payments Price Paid
ARC90 $1000.00 $322.50 *  $39 Declines to $32  $1185.00
Lease $1000.00 $310.00 ** $63.75 $1840.00

* Includes $35.00 arc fee and 25% of total ($1150.00) 
** Includes $40.00 fee and 15% of total ($1800.00)